We are excited to bring the Arthur Murray Lifestyle to Victoria. We welcome students with various goals. From those seeking personal fulfillment, fitness, and the joy of dance to those aiming to become performing artists and competitors. If you let us, we will change your life.


The History of Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray started teaching dance in 1912 at the Grand Palace in New York City.

In 1925, he began selling branded dance lessons and launched the first franchise dance school. The business continued to expand steadily, and by 1940, Arthur Murray was a household name.

Murray was considered a pioneer of social dancing, and his studios introduced new dances to the public such as the “Lambeth Walk” and “The Big Apple.” He also wrote several books and pamphlets promoting the social aspects of dance.

Today there are over 280 Arthur Murray Dance Studios in 22 countries across the globe. Arthur Murray Dance Studios continue to enjoy unprecedented popularity today and are known for unparalleled dance instruction.


Our Victoria Studio will be led by one of our best

Daniel Seguin

Daniel started taking lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Ottawa in 1992. He was then offered an opportunity to train to become a teacher. He could continue with his current career in a cubicle or become a Professional Ballroom Dance teacher- it was an easy choice for him. He continued to hone his teaching skills from 1993 to 2001.

In 2001 he moved to the States to manage the new Arthur Murray Dance Studio in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove. Over the next 4 years he led a team of teachers to great success, and inspired a student body to reach for the stars.

In 2005 he returned to Canada to continue his development as a dancer, teacher and manager in Edmonton. Over the next 13 years he worked tirelessly to sharpen the skills necessary to lead his own Arthur Murray Dance Studio. 

He fell in love with Victoria when he first visited the Island.” I have never felt so much at home in a city, not since childhood.”

When he found out that that there was an opportunity to bring the Arthur Murray Lifestyle back to Victoria, it became his mission to see it through. A yearlong search for just the right home for the New Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Victoria is complete.

What keeps him motivated after 25 years of teaching? He says that nothing makes him prouder than to share in a student’s dance journey. Seeing the transformations in his students is exciting; from that very first step into the studio, to sharing in a performance that a student never dreamed possible

When Daniel grows up, he wants to be a math teacher. (&5,6,7,8)




Dancing has been a part of Wanda’s life since childhood, learning to Waltz and Polka at her European family’s social functions and community dances.

She went on to study Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz Dance and then discovered Ballroom with its Elegant Smooth Dances and fiery Latin Rhythms.

Sharing her love of music and dance through performing and teaching for over 25 years, Wanda brings passion and experience to this beautiful discipline of creative expression and communication for body, mind and spirit!


Chelsey joined Ballet classes at the age of three, and a few years later invited other dance styles into her life such as jazz, musical theatre, contemporary and tap. As a young adult, after completing almost all of her ballet exams through the Royal Academy of Dance, she decided to take a break from her hectic dance schedule to join the trades world, where she’s been putting her energy up until her reunion with dance. She couldn’t be more elated to be back in the studio, doing what her heart truly calls to.

For Chelsey, dance has always been the ultimate means of catharsis, the most befitting way to restore connections with body and mind, and the best part of her day! She’s a lover of music and the common ground that’s found when exploring it with other likeminded individuals, and what is dance without wonderful music?

When Chelsey grows up, she wants to be.. EVERYTHING! But mostly, she wants to be Julia Roberts.


Other than the many years of experience with Arthur Murray, Anthony brings high energy, a drive for success and a passion to help people grow and achieve their needs.

“Why not dance? Right? Honestly, to really connect with that one student or one dance partner on multiple levels is such an extraordinary experience, to move in unison to that awesome song with that amazing person feels as if time has slowed down for those few minutes.” For Anthony, using dance to learn about what makes people tick is extremely rewarding.

When Anthony grows up, he wants to be Superman!

New student offer

$25 Private Lesson and Consultation.


Every possibility begins with the courage to imagine…